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The Bend Acupressure Mat & pillow provides all the benefits of acupressure whilst being in the comfort of your own home. 


With thousands of small spikes, each long enough to unlock the full benefits of reflexology, your at-home massage therapist is the most cost-effective way to enhance your self-care. 


Our mats are made from 100% natural cotton, plant foam insert and ABS recyclable plastic spikes. 


They also come with a separate neck pillow. 


Some of the main benefits of the Bend Acupressure Mat 


  • Anxiety and stress relief 
  • Ease muscle tension
  • Deep and more restful sleep
  • Promotes blood flow to treated areas
  • Pain reduction - back pain, headaches
  • Period pain relief 


What is included?

- Acupressure mat

- Acupressure neck pillow
- Carry bag 


How do I use my Bend Acupressure Mat? 

Although the entire body can benefit from the Bend Acupressure Mat, the most common areas to treat are the back, neck, shoulders and feet. 

You simply lay/stand on the mat and let the small needles get to work, applying deep pressure where it is needed most. 


What will I feel?


Everyone is different but most begin feeling quite uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes while the body adjusts to the pressure. Within a couple of minutes you will notice the area being treated starting to feel hot, followed by a tingling sensation. Within 5 minutes you begin to truly feel a deep sense of relaxation as the blood increases in the body and the muscle tension begins to ease. 


What strength is the Bend Acupuressure Mat?

Our mat is medium strength. Perfect for those wanting to reap the benefits of acupressure without extreme pain. 




H66 x W41 x D3cm  

Weight 0.55kg

Acupressure Mat & Neck Pillow

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    If the Bend Acupuressure Mat isn't for you and you find it doesn't help your body relax, we offer a full 30-day return policy.