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The custom Bend Yoga Mat is made from 100% natural tree rubber and cork. Non-toxic, non-slip, eco-friendly and with no silicones or phthalates, this is the perfect addition to accompany your yoga and/or meditation practice. The purposefully placed lines on each mat are to guide you into correct asanas. Great for beginners as they help to avoid injury and make it easier to glide through your workout. The Mandala in the centre is deliberately placed with a light tone to fit the delicate nature of yoga & meditation. Soft enough to not distract but prominent enough to remind you to find your grounding with each glance. Each mat comes with a carry strap for easy transportation. FREE SHIPPING on all orders within Australia. 


Cork Yoga Mat

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Measurements:
    Height 183 •Width 61cm • Thickness 4mm • Weight 2.7kg

    Cleaning Instructions:
    Gently wipe with a cloth and water. Leave to dry naturally. Do not machine wash. 

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