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The Bend Mindset Journal is your daily mental health tracker. Perfect for anyone with an over-active mind, racing thoughts, people-pleasing behaviours and feelings of anxiety. 


As a yoga, meditation, breathwork & reiki teacher, I am passionate about advocating for mental health and helping you regulate your nervous system. As someone who has suffered and healed from anxiety, my goal is to guide others to do the same. 


So many of us are living with highly dysregulated nervous systems. Waking up in the morning with a pit in your stomach is no way to live. Trust me, I have been there. I created this journal to help you. To be your guide when things are tough. 


This Journal consists of written content, interactive worksheets and tools to help you calm the mind. It also has plenty of space to journal and get things out of your mind and on to paper. Every page has been written personally by me. I hope you resonate with my words and find value in these daily exercises. 


Much love,

Courtney Love x 



Mindset Journal

  • All content and material from this journal is subject to copyright and can't be reproduced or copied by any third party. The information provided in or throughout the The Bend Journal is for educational purposes only, and is made available to you as self-help tools for your own use. It is not intended to be substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by your own medical practitioner. We are not providing healthcare nor diagnosing any mental health issues.

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