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Stresses of daily life are addressed and constructively dealt with in Bend classes run by

owner Courtney Love. Creating space through movement is at the core of Bend’s philosophy. You will learn to tune into your own body and listen to what it needs in each moment. All while toning, lengthening and strengthening the muscles.



Unlimited access to my complete archive of yoga flows. With a range of vinyasa, yin, detox & power sequences, there is something for all levels.  Also included are a range of guided meditations, breathwork teachings and mindfulness podcasts. 

The custom Bend Cork Yoga mat is 100% natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike plastic mats which leach toxins, the cork yoga mat will guarantee a safe, non-toxic workout. 

With thousands of small spikes, each long enough to unlock the full benefits of reflexology, the Bend Acupressure mat is your at-home massage therapist


  • Anxiety and stress relief 

  • Ease muscle tension

  • Deep and more restful sleep

  • Promotes blood flow& collagen

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