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Taylor McElhone

I had been wanting to book in with Courtney for a while but life kept getting in the way, I would always put it in the "ill do it later" basket but when we got struck down with sickness, I was finding myself extra snappy and just not being the mum I wanted to be for my two little ones (9 months old and 2.5year old). I am so glad that I booked in because I really felt heard and supported by her in a way I haven't felt before. It honestly felt like she really got me! We did a Reiki session which really helped me shift some blockages and then I decided to join the Nourish your nervous system program. It was after doing this that I noticed a big change in my nervous system. Things that used to stimulate me I was noticing that I was able to cope better and I was finding myself more calm within day to day stuff. I have since had a bit of a busy time and noticing that the overstimulation and frustrations kicked back in but once I got back into the program and was able to reset again with the skills that I learned I can see the shift happening again. It's amazing and I am so grateful to have connected with Courtney. I can't recommend her enough.

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