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I started bend purely out of a desire to help others. After years of working in a high-pressured, stressful environment, I was left feeling exhausted and depleted. I turned to yoga and meditation as a release as well as a physical workout and have never looked back. The benefits of yoga are endless and it’s something I want to share with the world.



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Unlimited access to my complete archive of yoga flows. With a range of vinyasa, yin, detox & power sequences, there is something for all levels.  Also included are a range of guided meditations, breathwork teachings and mindfulness podcasts. 

The custom Bend Cork Yoga mat is 100% natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike plastic mats which leach toxins, the cork yoga mat will guarantee a safe, non-toxic workout. 

With thousands of small spikes, each long enough to unlock the full benefits of reflexology, the Bend Acupressure mat is your at-home massage therapist


  • Anxiety and stress relief 

  • Ease muscle tension

  • Deep and more restful sleep

  • Promotes blood flow& collagen

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