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The mind/body connection. How does it work & how can we heal it to release anxiety?

anxiety healing

What the mind suppresses, the body expresses. Ever notice how what's locked away in our minds has a funny way of showing up in our bodies?  It's like our brains hit the 'pause' button on trauma, but our bodies keep the memories on repeat. We end up carrying these emotional backpacks full of stuff we've tried to forget. And guess what? They shape who we are and how we react to things as move into adulthood.


Those triggers? They're like little time machines, taking us back to moments we'd rather forget. Suddenly, we're knee-deep in feelings we thought we buried years ago. It's like a movie replaying in our minds, and our bodies are front-row spectators, feeling every scene.


Sometimes, it becomes too overwhelming. We can get stuck in a 'freeze' state—just going through the motions, feeling flat, unmotivated, and even numb.


But, once we recognise this pattern, we're halfway to breaking free. It's about accepting our past, understanding how the emotions are suppressed and how they show up, and slowly untangling those knots. This is the inner work everyone must do. The generation of not showing emotion is gone. We have learnt our lesson. It’s time to make some big shifts. To release the anxiety, the crippling thoughts & live a ‘safer’ more happier life. This is exactly why I created my mindset program. To give you the tools you need to release the suppression and change your life. It’s self-paced, easy to follow and guides you through the work you need to heal.

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