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Reiki Healing

One of my most potent offerings is my 1:1 in-person Reiki & Breathwork Healing sessions. I have helped hundreds of women heal their root cause of anxiety, trauma, intrusive thoughts & emotional disturbances. I have helped so many find the strength to make huge changes, move forward from challenging experiences and find safety in their body. 

Reiki, breathwork, meditation, healing, anxiety healing

For those of you who are new to energy work here is a little breakdown of what I do.  

Reiki 1:1 Healing First Time Visit - this session is for those who have not yet seen me in-person. It will allow me the time to sit with you and read your energy. It gives you and I the time to connect and talk about your goals so I can personalise the session for you. It also includes a personalised mindfulness practice that will be emailed to you post the session. I work on releasing blockages within the energetic body so your nervous system can begin to regulate.

Reiki 1:1 Healing Returning Visit - this session is for those who have seen me in-person before. We have already discussed your goals and will be able to tap straight in to your body energetics. Clearing blockages and setting intentions for the future.

If you have worked with me before you will know the power of these sessions. They bring up a lot of emotion and they ask you to be vulnerable and accepting of where you are currently at. You are guided by me the entire time as you discover the healing power of mindfulness and reiki. 

Courtney x

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