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Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga is amazing for easing anxiety. Keeping your awareness on your breath while you flow helps to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for calming the body and mind during times of stress and anxiety.

Movement is medicine and by connecting the breath to the body, you can gently begin to heal. Below is a sequence I have written and commonly practice myself to help ease feelings of stress and nervous tension. Move through the poses slowly so you have time to focus and calm the mind. Don't force any asana. Yoga is a natural state. Practicing can help reveal to you where you are struggling on and off your mat so pay attention.

  1. Begin in a wide leg child's pose. Forehead to the mat. Inhale deeply to the count of 4, hold to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 6. Repeat this breathing technique 3 times in child's pose.

  2. Cat/cow - 6 slow rounds.

  3. Downward dog - holding for 40 seconds

  4. Inhale as you step to the top of your mat and exhale as you find Tadasana

  5. On an exhale gently lower into a full fold

  6. On an inhale, lift your body half way up into a half fold

  7. Exhale, full fold

  8. Step back into a high plank

  9. Chaturanga

  10. Upward facing dog

  11. Downward facing dog

  12. Warrior I - left side

  13. Warrior ll

  14. Reverse Warrior

  15. Half Triangle

  16. Downward dog

  17. Repeat Sun Salutations (Warrior poses) on the right side

  18. Savasana - breathing exercises x 8

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